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RBMS Controlled Vocabularies


Authority control ... more addictive than heroin.

William S. Burroughs


Welcome to the RBMS Controlled Vocabularies Wiki! This wiki is designed to assist in the creation and editing of terms under consideration for inclusion in the RBMS Controlled Vocabularies: Genre Terms, Binding Terms, Paper Terms, Printing and Publishing Evidence, Type Evidence, Provenance Evidence, as well as a list of approved Relator Terms. It is open to the RBMS Controlled Vocabularies Committee Members, the chair of the RBMS Bibliographic Standards Committee and to the Vocabularies editor. Comments are welcome from the community via DCRM-L or by email addressed to the editor.


Note: the moratorium on new term proposals for the RBMS Controlled Vocabularies has been lifted.


For more information and for a list of publicly available terms, please visit our webpage.

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